Does This Sound Like You?

As AmeriCorps program staff, do you always have way too many balls in the air? Getting an evaluation designed and a strong plan written while getting your next recompete application ready to submit can be daunting. There just never seems to be enough time to find the info you need before it's down to the wire time and stressful. Which of these apply to you?

  • Unclear what AmeriCorps evaluation requirements apply to my program to stay in compliance with federal and/or state expectations?

  • Worried about planning and conducting an evaluation of my program with limited research and data skills and experience?

  • Confused how to develop the evaluation plan and what is needed for each element in the required template?

  • Too busy to do much digging to find the resources I need to help me understand my options and how to do this?

  • Don't know where to start or get the help I need?

  • YES? This course is for you!

AmeriCorps Evaluation Plans Made Easy: Course with Sue Hyatt, MS

The nine easy-to-follow steps in the course include:

  •       * Comprehensive video lessons
  •       * Slide decks to use for notes
  •       * "Your Turn Worksheets" to apply the lesson content to your unique program
  •       * Tips for writing great narratives for each plan element
  •       * Narrative samples from selected AmeriCorps programs
  •       * Additional time saving bonus resources

Everything you need to write your plan!

    1. Message from Sue about the Course

    2. Optional: Add On Support Options

    3. Before you begin...

    1. Step 1: Intro Video (2:41)

    2. Step 1: Navigate Evaluation Requirements (19:15)

    3. Step 1: Supplemental Videos

    1. Step 2: Intro Video (2:52)

    2. Step 2: Evaluation Design Overview (17:47)

    3. Step 2: Bonus Resources

    1. Step 3: Intro Video (2:53)

    2. Step 3: Zoom In: Focus Your Evaluation

    3. Step 3: Bonus Resources

    1. Step 4: Intro Video (2:57)

    2. Step 4: Craft Your Research Questions (11:39)

    3. Step 4: Evaluation Outcome of Interest (3:10)

    4. Step 4: Bonus Resources

    1. Step 5: Intro Video (2:46)

    2. Step 5: Identify Your Data Sources (24:28)

    3. Step 5: Bonus Resources

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Your Trainer

AmeriCorps Program Design and Evaluation Specialist Sue Hyatt, MS

Sue is an AmeriCorps evaluation and program design specialist having worked with AmeriCorps since 1995. She has provided small group and one-on-one technical assistance to over 1,000 AmeriCorps programs on topics including:

• Designing strong evaluation plans for both process and impact evaluations including identifying meaningful research questions, data collection methodology, and selecting and working with local evaluators;

• designing high quality data collection instruments and systems;

• conducting data aggregation and analysis;

• writing strong evaluation reports that meet AmeriCorps standards; and

• using evaluation results for building evidence and continuous improvement, as well as reporting to funders and other stakeholders;

In addition, Sue has personally conducted over 30 AmeriCorps program evaluations. Plus countless evaluations for other agencies.

What People Say About Sue

  • "From the very early days of AmeriCorps, you were fantastic at making the evaluation component easy and understandable!"

    Ralph Morales, former Deputy Director of AmeriCorps State and National

  • "Thank you so very much in helping me put this evaluation plan together. I can't thank you enough! Your help and guidance is so greatly appreciated. | definitely couldn't have done this without your guidance, support and phenomenal help."

    Laurie Von Kaenel, Program Director, NWF Environmental Stewards

  • "Learning about the entire evaluation process with Sue has been so helpful. I learned about evaluation in college, but actually practicing it is a whole different thing. It's been great and Sue helps explain everything so well. She really knows AmeriCorps :)"

    North Carolina AmeriCorps Program Director

  • "Sue really understands AmeriCorps and our challenges as program staff. Some evaluators talk over our head but Sue is able to explain evaluation in a way that I can understand."

    Arkansas AmeriCorps Program Director

  • "Sue's examples, worksheets, and discussion of questions all provided a clearer understanding of the training material."

    Florida AmeriCorps Program Director

  • "AmeriCorps is so lucky to have you and this course - You do make evaluation easy, applicable and understandable!"

    Justine Murray, JBS International

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Additional Support Options

If you would like to tap additional support from Sue for completing your evaluation plan - beyond all the essential materials provided in the course - check out the add on options for individualized support upon check out.